We did and we will do

You are 4th in line is normally not nice to hear, unless the reason is that Gæðingur brewery is the fourth microbrewy ever established in Iceland.

We were very proud of that, but that is only one small thing we are proud of since then.

We have brewed many beers.

We have brewed with many breweries, in Iceland and abroad.

We have participated in many beer festivals.

We have won a few prizes.

We have brewed in the country and

we have brewed in the city.

We have taken a large part in the craft beer enthusiast wave that rose in Iceland around 2012 and is still rising.

We have been behind, Microbar Reykjavík, Microbar & Bed and Microbar & brew.

We will continue to do that which makes us proud.

Gæðingur was founded by coincidence like most things in this life. The friends Árni Hafstað and Jóhann Guðmundsson went on brewery course in Denmark in 2008. We brewed and we drunk. When the course was over we continued doing so when we came home. Happy with the result, but ready to do better we went on an even more detailed brew course in Bury, England. We drank and we plotted to buy a 1000L brewing kit to continue back home.

We succeeded and the first beer went into the wine monopoly on the 1st of May 2011, Gæðingur Lager. Then came Gæðingur stout, then Gæðingur Pale ale. Next Hop Rider IPA, Gæðingur Wheat beer. BRA Christmas beer and the list goes on.

Since then many beers have come from Gæðingur Brewery. Originally the brewery was in an old hen house on our property in Útvík,Skagafjörður in the north of Iceland.

In the Year 20018, it was placed in Nýbýlavegur 8 in Kópavogur, where it is sitll operated today. We are determined to offer a variety of quality craft beers in the Wine monopoly. Additionally we serve our beers on a few taps in our own bars; Microbar Reykjavík in Vesturgata 2 and Microbar & brew Nýbýlavegur 8.

Further more the beers are available in the duty free store in Keflavík and is a popular gift for craft beer enthusiasts abroad.

We have our eyes open for exciting markets abroad if the appear.

We will grow and improve.

Recently we have had greater beer sales then before, due to the production of new exciting offerings. Those include but not limited to ; Sweet New England, Sweet New England, Timbraður Zar and Bluberry gose.

We will be cooler.

We have rented our equipment to other breweries, which has improved our networking within the industry as well as given us insight in what new trends and offerings others are presenting.

We will follow the new trends and fads.

We have brewed for other breweries and hopefully that will continue. It increases the utilization of both our staff and equipment more efficiently and makes it possible for us to grow.

We will continue existing.

We did and we will do.