Blágosi 5.6% - SOUR BEER


Purple. Sweetener, medium-filled, small bitter, acidic. Blueberries, corn, whey.


An over-brewed sour beer that originates from Goslar, Germany, but is today rather taught by the city of Leipzig. The beer is lightly acidic with lactic acid bacteria and is often seasoned with coriander and salt. The coriander seasoning should deliver light citrus tones and the salt should deliver freshness and light selling, but should not be overwhelming at all. These beers are not as acidic as, for example, the Berliner Weisse.


Diverse beers, usually ale, which according to tradition contain a high proportion of wheat, have undergone a process that makes them sour. The acidity of these beers varies and really depends on where the beers come from and what the brewer is seeking. Sour beers can be clean and fresh or contain various bacteria and artificial variations, such as Brettanomyces which gives them a fragrance and a taste of hay, countryside and patch, to name but a few. Some are left lying on fruits like cherries. Wine spirits can be from 3% to 8%. The home countries of these beers are Belgium and Germany, while other countries have been picking up the weather, especially United States.

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