Gæðingur Sweet New England - 8% - N.E.I.P.A


Light golden, cloudy. Semi-sweet, dense, bitter. Mango, passion, orange, grassy.


New England India Pale Ale is a beer style that has been growing rapidly in recent years. These beers are characterized by high hop characteristics due to the dry hops. This results in high tropical fruit characteristics as well as relatively low bitterness compared to traditional IPA beers (though not universal). Producers often use flour and goats which increase mouthfeel and one of the main characteristics of these beers is that they are very cloudy in appearance due to their unfiltered.


This category includes all beers that belong to IPA, whether they come from the United States, the British Isles or elsewhere. IPA or India Pale Ale is a beer that has its roots in the UK and is today characterized in most cases by a very noticeable taste of the hops used in production. Taste symptoms may e.g. be citrus, resin, and tropical fruits and usually contain quite a bit of bitterness. Alcohol concentration can range from 4.5% to 10%.

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