Gæðingur Brugghús

Sunny side up - 5.6% - NEIPA

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Microbar lives!

We have opened again at Laugavegur 86. Now you can take joy again and order a cold one with us. 


Microbar was the first craft beer bar of Reykjavík, which opened in 2015. The goal of the bar has always been to display the wonderful craft beers of Iceland. The owner of Microbar runs also Gæðingur brewery, which is located 10 minutes (by car) from the center, that is why you will probably come across a few Gæðingur beers on the menu. 


Those of you who crave fresh and crisp Icelandic craft beer from Gæðingur Brewery after your visit, can visit us in Microbar Kópavogur, pick some up at  vínbúðin or order at Bjórland.


If you want to know moreabout Gæðingur Brewery or come for
a brewery tour please contact us at gaedingurbeer(at)gmail.com



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